Paris-Honotel, hotel group

The Paris-Honotel Group works in constant, direct cooperation with financial actors in the sector and with hotel operators. It contributes its own resources in terms of skill and equity to the operations it sets up.

The Paris-Honotel Group invests in hotel assets or companies alongside leading financial partners.

Its experience and the success of the operations it has already undertaken make it a recognised hotel group in the market.

A group of dedicated experts, working in close cooperation with the general management, manages the Group’s acquisitions.

The Paris-Honotel Group manages hotels in Paris and around France, outperforming the market average.

A team of operational experts in all professions provide support to the directors in running the hotels.


Acquisition de l’hôtel De Neuve – Paris – Octobre 2013

Paris-Honotel has acquired last October the Hotel De Neuve. This 3-star boutique hotel with 20 rooms. is located at 14 rue Neuve Saint Pierre, within the 4th quarter of Paris, in the heart of Le Marais, close to Place des Vosges and Saint-Louis Island.

2 management contracts for Paris-Honotel – Paris – March 2013

Within its management contract offer dedicated to hotel owners, the Paris-Honotel Group assists a private investor in its 2 Parisian hotels management : Hôtel Cervantes (3-star, 52 rooms, Paris 8th) and Hôtel Magenta (3-star, 65 rooms, Paris 10th) since the 15th of March 2013.

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